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JUNTA DE EXTREMADURA                            logo_JuntaExtremadura02


Dirección General de Bibliotecas, Museos y Patrimonio Cultural

Avda. Valhondo s/n

(Mérida III Milenio)

Módulo 4, 2ª planta

06800 Mérida – Badajoz (Spain)

The Junta de Extremadura (Regional Government of Extremadura) is the organism implementing the executive functions in this Spanish Autonomous Community. Thanks to its General Direction of Libraries, Museums and Cultural Heritage it seeks to encourage, to coordinate and to develop all activities addressed to the preservation, defence, protection and enrichment of the Cultural Heritage of Extremadura, as well as the creation and promotion of the Arts in this area.

This entity is also in charge of supporting institutional and social initiatives to facilitate the access and participation of citizens into the cultural assets as an equality and social empowerment tool.



Museo: Viale Giovanni Giolitti 1, 10064 Pinerolo (Italia)

Oficinas: Via Giuseppe Brignone 9 Pinerolo (Italy)

Tel . +39 0121 794382



CeSMAP – Centro Studi e Museo d’Arte Preistorica (Study Centre and Museum of Prehistoric Art) was founded in1964 under the aim of promoting research in two main fields: rock art and the evolution of the pre- and proto-historic population on the Western Alps through the research of their material culture.

At the same time, CeSMAP publishes the “Survey” international journal, whose contents are revised by the UNESCO-ICOM Documentation Centre. It is a founding member of the International Federation Rock Art Organitation (IFRAO) and also works on the promotion of archaeological and anthropological exhibitions and rock art fieldwork. It regularly issues didactic material and organizes educational activities at the museum. All this led it to obtain the “European Culture Award” by the EEC in 1991.




The Instituto Terra e Memória (Centre for Higher Education Studies in Mação – Portugal), is a nonprofit scientific association created under the aim of promoting and developing research, post-graduate education and advanced vocational training on the fields of Archaeology and Cultural Management in its territory, and also to enhance Heritage on the sustainable development field. 

Instituto Terra e Memória puts an enphasis on promoting cultural cooperation projects between Europe, Latin America and Africa, as well as on improving rural areas. To reach these goals, Instituto Terra e Memória organizes and carries out research projects, courses, seminars, conferences, meetings and specialized publications. At the same time, it participates and collaborates in further projects with common goals by funding researching, researchers and entities whose aims are similar to its own ones.